Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We Have Become a Nation of Bullies

        We have become a nation of bullies. 
        Everyone has memories of at least one in their lives…those “playground” bullies of our youth…the kids from school that never seemed content, unless they were picking on the weaker and smaller kids at recess.  Much has been written about them in recent years, and how the fallout from their actions continues to haunt adults, many years after the physical torment has ended. 
        We’ve heard about it on Facebook…how parents actually help their children bully others, or, in some rare cases, actually do the bullying themselves…FOR THEIR CHILDREN!  A few cases have made the national news because they ended, sadly, in suicide by the victim.  Not only can we read about the incidents, we can actually watch them take place, if we choose to search YouTube.  For every story we hear about, there are surely hundreds or thousands that we don’t hear of.
        Bullies, in general, rarely “pick on someone their own size”.  They prefer to seek out the weak, the vulnerable, and those that won’t fight back.  There is no cause for which they fight, other than their own self-esteem.  Most often, experts tell us, bullies are themselves victims of similar attacks…usually at home, at the hands of siblings or abusive parents.  They’ve been made to feel small, weak, and stupid, and, therefore, set out to prove, if only to themselves, that such is not the case.  The tears of their victims serve as their intoxicant, and like alcoholics, their appetites continue to grow with each incident.
        There has been an outcry for something to be done…some sort of national referendum banning bullying…but it has little chance of succeeding.  Bullying has become the new national pastime, overtaking baseball, apple pie, and summer picnics.  We are a nation of children, who have been made to feel small, weak, and stupid, and so, we strike out at those who are weak, afraid, or unwilling to fight back.
        The traditional family has been on the decline for over 50 years, with divorce increasing, and the number of single-parent households almost equaling two-parent homes.  But, rather than confront the issue head-on, using the scientific method to root out the causes of this decline, Americans have chosen instead to blame a group that has absolutely nothing to do with the issue.  They looked around the playground, and saw a few gay and lesbian kids over on the swings, and they pounced.  Now all we read about is how gay marriage is destined to destroy traditional marriage, and how abhorrent and anti-Christian the whole idea is.  It always amazes me when I see coverage of a gay marriage protest, with pictures of people spouting Gospel to make their case, all the while acting in the least-Christian manners possible.   No one has yet explained that I know of, how gay and lesbian nuptials are actually destroying traditional marriage.  While I have seen and heard of a few people who chose to end their traditional marriages when they decided to acknowledge their real sexual preference, that number is miniscule compared to the overall number of divorces.  It’s not like people are racing to court to end their marriages so that they can “become gay”.
        The case is the same with illegal immigration; no one cared about illegal immigration, it seemed, until the economy went into the crapper.  For generations, we have accepted and tolerated illegal immigration as a vital necessity in our economy.  When jobs started drying up, though, everyone started blaming “them”.  People stand and shout about how illegals are stealing jobs from Americans, and how they’re going to bring down the country, all the while ignoring the real cause of our latest economic woes…those red-blooded, born-in-the-USA managers of financial companies.  People write to their congressmen about how we need to build fences around the country, to keep us safe and protect our jobs…when we already have fences built to surround those responsible.  They're called “prisons”, and for some reason, none of those responsible for this mess have yet to see the inside of one.   People cry out that illegals are taking their jobs, but, honestly, many of those that are here illegally are sought by employers because they will do jobs that Americans won’t do, without complaint, and be thankful for the opportunity. 
        The list goes on and on, and it’s not limited to our own borders.  When another country dares to stand up to ours, our common recourse, it seems, is to bully them into submission, usually with the help of a “gang” of our friends…i.e., the United Nations.
        Americans have fallen into this habit because they are scared, they feel they have no power whatsoever to change things, and they’re convinced they are stupid.  Just like in an abusive home, our country has been led for too long by those that used fear as their primary tool.  It is much easier to rule a people who have no belief in themselves than it is to rule a strong, proud nation.  While the ideal situation would be for Americans to suddenly understand that they are NOT powerless, that they CAN make a difference, and that they are far from stupid, my fear is that this has been going on for so long now that it is too deeply engrained in the national psyche.    
        Our only hope, I’m afraid, is for us all to be sent back to kindergarten, where we will once again be taught how to “play nice”.


  1. This is a powerful look at the roots of bullying. You are an amazing writer Mitch. I love hearing what you have to say and look forward to reading many more posts.

  2. Superb post, sir. Scapegoating will never be vanquished as it has always been easier and more convenient to "look without" rather than to explore within. I always think of Shakespere's line "The fault, dear Brutus..." in regards to this situation.

    Fantastic sharing, Mitch. Considerate and thought provoking. Nice work.


  3. This struck a cord with me Mitch - I'm not American but I have been there a couple of times. I have seen many, many strong people, fiendly people, I've been welcomed in so many homes and offered to visit, spend the night, have dinner and so on in all eternity. That picture doesn't resonate with the picture of anti-abortion fanatics picket lines, antigay movements, and all of those strange hate-based, fearful activities I read about. There is something very engaged and openhearted in you guys and I just think many Americans have been engaged in the "wrong" causes. Give people a better truth and USA can be a strong and loving force.... I have been called naive in my life but I see the potentials in people and I know that there's a lot of good on the other side of that big ocean.
    Just set that heart free, spread your thoghts Mitch, they are destined to change the world to the better.
    Thank you for your post, Magdis

  4. ....friendly people....not fiendly...:o)

  5. http://youtu.be/XP4clbHc4Xg

    Inspiring Video that Rise Against collaborated with the LGBT "It Gets Better" Movement to produce. One of my favorite bands for this very reason. Enjoy.